Spors Audio


We have special offers only available in cooperation with our partners:

Your advantage as a client:

You can be absolutely sure that the guests of your event will enjoy it!

Please contact us for a custom-made offer!

Example 1: Small Standardsetup

Location: Small event location, a bar, a café ...
People attending: 20-60
Sound: 4 kW Front, 4 Subs, 2 Tops
Light: 2 x 2kW 4-colors
Technical support: Sound engineer

Price without taxes:
750,- €
Incl. taxes:
892,50 €

Upgrade 1: Moving Light

Additional Lights: 4 LED Washer (Moving Heads)
Technical support: Light engineer (obligatory)

Price without taxes:
380,- €
Incl. taxes:
452,20 €

Upgrade 2: DJ Equipment

CD-Player: 2 Pioneer CDJ 2000
DJ-Pult: DJM 900

Price without taxes:
99,- €
Incl. taxes:
117.81 €


Please notice!

The complete material and equipment that the band needs for their perfomance are included in these examples: e.g. Front-System, stage monitoring and stage light.

Required extra: A stage, electricity, a small space for FOH.

Arrival up to 50km around Frankfurt/M is free.