Spors Audio


Our skills range from recording simple voice/speech samples to managing smaller CD productions.

We also glady record live for you (digitally and as flexible as possible)!

We focus on providing high quality for bands with any budget.

Please contact us for further information!


recording time: 1 day
(ca. 1-3 songs, 8 hours)
Mastering, editing, incl. 5 CDs (printed)

250 Euro


recording time: 1 weekend
(ca. 2-4 songs, 2 days in the studio)
Mastering, Editing, incl. 10 CDs (printed)

349 Euro


recording time: 2 weekends
(ca. 3-4 songs, 3 days recording,
1 day editing, mastering etc.)

incl. 50 CDs (printed) with standard booklet/inlaycard
(eventual filming/graphic design are not included, but available for extra fees)

1199 Euro

studio / day

circa 8 hours

203 Euro

studio / h

1 hour

35 Euro

complete production

depends on complexity etc.

needs to be arranged individually